*Integrate solution for Feed mill Sinking & Aqua.
*Grain Storage steel Silo for Maize, Paddy, Rice etc.
*Environment poultry Controlled shed.
* Prefabricated Steel Building for ware house & Broiler& Layer house
*Flour mill/premix mill/seed processing plant./Dal mill.
* Feed Bag plant (pp woven)
*Non woven Fabric & Bag plant.
*Hatchery incubators.
* Mineral water & bottle plant.
*Waste Bottle Recycle plant
*Auto Brick & Block Plant.
*All spare parts.

Grinding Equipment




  • Date
    January 23, 2019
    Performance Feature Good cooling performance through counter-flow motion between cooling air and granular material cooling material from the bottom up to avoid crack of granule; The temperature of material after cooling is ≤ 5℃ higher than ambient temperature and the drying rate is ≧ 2% so as to […]

Diverter & Distributor


  • Date
    January 23, 2019
    Performance Feature 1. Imported PET fiber mesh (or stainless steel mesh) is adopted to dry material with high ventilation efficiency and less powder content; 2. Drying time and water content of material is adjustable with frequency inverter; 3. […]



  • Date
    January 23, 2019
    Performance Feature 1. Large loading capacity, safe and reliable performance; 2. Strong adaptability, convenient installation and maintenance, long service life; 3. Widely applied to horizontal or a small slope (< 20 °) delivery of various powdery, granular or small bulk material; […]